Sunday, June 20, 2010

Michael Stone's new book of poetry


Michael Stone’s knowledge of the Armenian Culture is extensive; he has managed to capture its essence through his poems. To keep him company in his writings are contemporary sites and the people of the modern Republic, its natural wonders, fauna and flora, and the ghosts of beloved saints.
This is a gorgeous quote from his poem “Sinai Scenes”:  
“They are all still there—
Romans, Greeks, Nabateans,
Armenians, Jews, Arabs,
Bedouin, Sabeans, Egyptians.
Layered human traffic of the wasteland.”
Lola Koundakjian, Poet, Curator and Producer of The Armenian Poetry Project

Michael E. Stone’s poetry is keenly observed. His Selected Poems lead us through several contrasting landscapes and present us with startling images of Jerusalem’s ‘dramatic geometry’, the ragged beauty of the Ararat Plains, its ancient monasteries and scattered gravestones and the Australian bush with its ‘sweetspidered brown boronia’. His poetry is deeply spiritual and displays a tautness of focus and concentrated lyricism. With equal parts wisdom and passion, Stone lodges us memorably in his clearly articulated world.
Graham Nunn, Editor, SpeedPoets, Brisbane, Australia
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To preview the book,  click on this link and to purchase online  click here.

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