Saturday, June 05, 2010

Shaunt Basmajian: On Filling out another Job Application

only my address has changed
my phone number
still seems to stay the same
and the list of
appointments references and positions
goes on forever

i walk
up and down
the city street
and wait
my turn in line
in a corporate office building
for a job
i know i won't get

i fill out a questionnaire
and then head over
to a union hall
where i'm forced to do
the same
greeted by a computer
and a digit as my name
amongst 300 other applicants
for a job
that will eventually terminate

after the interview
i take a break
and drink a cup of
cold coffee
in a shopping mall
recently subsidized
by the government
before i head back home
where i share a meaningless
with a friend
about politics
the prime minister's
recent trip abroad
and of course
the so called
"sagging" economy
while waiting fiendishly
for a call
i know i won't get

Other Channels, an Anthology of new Canadian poetry, edited by Shaunt Basmajian and Jones

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Andrew said...

Great post! The fact that you means someone is reading and liking it! Congrats!That’s great advice.

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