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MY LITERARY PROFILE, A MEMOIR by Helene Pilibosian, Ohan Press, 171 Maplewood St, Watertown, MA, 324 pages, ISBN 9781929966080, Bibliography, Index, $20.00 plus $4 mailing.

The author provides a remarkable historical journey through subject matter
that can be important in many fields such as education, social studies,
medicine and nutrition with many intriguing events out of her experience
with excellent writing. I can recommend this read to anyone.
—BURTON RABINOWITZ, M.D., cardiologist, Mount Auburn Hospital

A moving story, superbly told, of personal growth, self awareness and
fulfillment on many levels, tracing the author's fragile formative years in the
postwar Armenian community of Watertown, Massachusetts, bravery and resilience in the face of numerous personal and cultural obstacles and immersion in the richness of Harvard's humanities. It tells of metamorphosis and self discovery together with an insightful analysis of the craft of writing, and the transformative and healing aspects of poetry.

—HARRY N. MAZADOORIAN, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Center for
Dispute Resolution, Quinnipiac University Law School

HELENE PILIBOSIAN was an editor of The Armenian Mirror-Spectator,

and is now a freelance writer of prose and poetry and owner of Ohan Press. She has published poems in such magazines as North American Review, Weber: The Contemporary West, Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies, Poetry Salzburg and has won prizes and honors for poems and two of her books. Her early poetry has been cited in the Greenwood Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature.

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