Sunday, April 27, 2008

Karen Kevorkian: Soft Music

the empty, very empty, great empty, and all empty
Highest Yoga Tantra

Lowspread the live oak leaves rattle

money in a cup. Fat whitewing doves
teeter on the power line. Soft music

having severed any relationship with
the body, she does not think
“my body”

a fingernail ringing, four times,
a crystal rim,
a hesitation between
the first two calls and the last

a middle place
lasting seven days but these days
are very long
millions of years
what absurdity

Grapelike sparrows in the eaves
soft racheting wings. Sweet fuss.
Usually no one in the room.

The emaciated woman
hairless gaunt woman

lift of shoulderblades wings’ absence

and after death a hungry ghost exits
from the mouth. If it is to be born
a god of desire,
the navel

Bruised (needle scars) flesh puckers
breeze quivering over smooth water
rainpocked sand

She raises a skinny arm to feel fog-hovering new hair
pats her head carefully

a god of magic
the ear

Knees give way. One hand steadies on the wall.
the other feeling what must be hair. A white mist
like wet dark limbs around them green haze collects.

a human exits from the eye

Are the leaves solid black?
No the sky’s grimed gauze
tunnels into the room where TV bodies
lie oddly angled in blooming loud fire

deafness within deafness
only smoke

fireflies appearing
in the dark
she does not know
what to call them

she cannot understand
what is rough what is smooth

Silken reassurance this tangle
the final diving into deep water

very clear emptiness
mind of the clear light

black and silklike sweet
licorice mucky
earth savor

Karen Kevorkian was born in San Antonio, Texas. Her book of poems, White Stucco Black Wing was published by Red Hen Press (Los Angeles, 2004). Her poems and stories appear in many journals as well as The Drunken Boat and in a recent anthology of work by artists and writers, the land of wandering. She is a member of the poetry board of Virginia Quarterly Review and teaches at the University of Virginia.

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