Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meredith Avakian: Silence is my Enemy

Silence is my enemy
He'll try to shut me up
But no muzzle
Can silence my voice
Not a choice
Just a destiny
As fate would have it
Some were meant to speak
For those who don't
Not because they don't want to
But because they can't

Silence is my enemy
Though he'll never succeed
I like my peace and quiet
But writing’s a need
As long as the message is shared
Our people will overcome
But if it's discontinued
Our battle never will be won
That's why he’s my nemesis
Closed mouths haven't been fed
Since the genesis
Prepare to harvest the feast

Silence is my enemy
All prophets must agree
Without proper communication
What kind of world would this be?
Silence really would love
For truth to be hidden
But as long as I'm alive
He's got to be kiddin'

Silence is my enemy
But out of respect
Please hold the applause
For a moment of silence

Meredith Avakian, February 2008

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