Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Victoria Melekian: During a Tour of a Friend's House

It's too soon,
and he's not the one,
but I pretend he is
as I follow him
through the house.
I think about falling in love,
learning his ways,
if there's room here for two.
I wonder if he'd mind
if I cut three sunflowers
to put in a vase on our dinner table,
if we'd light blue candles at night,
if he'd care if I opened the door
to let in the scent of jasmine.
His house is perfect for one,
and mine are the thoughts
of a woman who sleeps alone.
I wonder if I'll ever fit
into someone's life, know another
man's touch, and what it means
when he turns his head
to the window and looks beyond
the blues and greens in the garden
before he reaches for me.

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