Monday, December 01, 2008

Sotère Torregian: I Discover Jean Valjean Everywhere

We see these pearls walking in the morning
Know who they are
But we know
The true conquerors jasper landscape
One “Beastie” after another
Shifting sands
Bottles and
Sun and Earth

I am proud of my zero
The box-cars rushing through me in succession
I am Jean Valjean
A Challenge to any exterior
When my loves says “Garbanzo”

You harbour a hag but it is beautiful that you do
It is what makes your name stand out
It is what makes you beautiful
This pristine brilliance
O Camino a Los Cerros!

I take my stride
My legs are giant totem poles
That cause a whirlwind wherever I go wherever I have been
O feathers of Youth!I will not leave you orphans
I will come to you again and again

O gyrating feathers of Youth!

May 24-June 7, 1967
Mountain View, California

-- Sotère Torregian--
From "I Must Go" (She Said) "Because My Pizza's Cold" Selected Works, 1957-1999 poetry book.

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