Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sotère Torregian: Fragments

Fragments of Poem Found in Letter
Sent to Gary Snyder—1986

*Vos que decia: Da voces y toda su

Gloria como flor del campo

They have asked me about it many times What can I

Write about?
I say the people sleeping on buses
Introduce them
To the distant mountains
That “slightest thread” of the “Nuclear” sword of

And if it’s “Paris”
You want then let it walk inside you

And any crisis is a texture of colour blood and the elements

Chagalle / his countries

One’s footsteps in the morning fog
While the beloved reads a letter 5.000 mi.

Again, in unison
To the still center of heart’s desire

1986 -- Sotère Torregian

From "I Must Go" (She Said) "Because My Pizza's Cold" Selected Works, 1957-1999 poetry book.

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