Monday, February 16, 2009

Brenda Najimian Magarity

Brenda Najimian Magarity is a second generation born in America Armenian writer whose work includes poetry, fiction, non-fiction and memoir. Some of these have appeared in publications such as Pandora, Sing Heavenly Muse!, California English, California Victory, Ararat, Hye Sharzhoom, and Encore. Her work has also been included in these books: Armenian Town, William Saroyan: The Man and the Writer Remembered, and most recently, William Saroyan: Places in Time. She writes of loss, joy, reverence, danger, panic, adventures with William Saroyan, Armenian history and culture, and significant moments of the human predicament.

An incredible event in her life led to much of her writing. William Saroyan frequented her father’s dry-cleaning shop in old Armenian town of Fresno, California. Because of this, Brenda met and quickly began a fond friendship with the great author. In the mid to late 1970s, Brenda became an unofficial chauffeur for her mentor.

In January of 1977, Saroyan went to school with Brenda. At the time, she taught drama and English at Madera High School. The day became memorable for students, teachers and staff alike, as her Armenian hero enchanted audiences all day long. Currently, Brenda is writing Driving Saroyan, a memoir of her years as his friend.

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