Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kevork Kalayjian: Ours

what's the use of looking
beyond the transparent glass
when you cannot let your soul
travel out and away from you,
to experience the wildness of the forests,
the infinity of the skies,
the uncertainties beyond the first horizon.

and don't you look at me like that!
I am not the one who can show you how!
you have to give birth to your love within you!
as for me, well I ...

I may put together some utterances,
so that you may create your meanings
through the recognition of my words.

I may put together some colors,
so that you may envision your portrait
through the vibrations of a traveling rainbow.

I may select some sounds
from animal calls or cosmic waves
so that you might live the music you feel.

I may also generate some thoughts
so that you might choose your religion
to draw boundaries on your life.

But all I really want to do
is to transfer some feelings
from my heart to yours, so that
my love, and your love, could be ours.

This poem appears in Love Lure: A Collection of Love Poems and Other Writings, published in New York, 2010 - Ed.

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