Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kevork Kalayjian: The Ad

Do you want to go back to your previous lover?
Are you serious about falling in love again
with the person of so many years ago?
All you have to do is to be friends with me, then
Become intimate a little bit
and wham, or swish all of a sudden
it will come back to you, and you will realize that
you and you ex belong together.

It’s not a theory it has been tested.
Step by step, again and again.
Susan became a friend of mine
in March, we were intimate in June,
in July, she brought back her ex-lover
from France, and moved away with him.

With Carol I became acquainted in July
developed friendship in October,
we were intimate in November
and before that month was over
she knew that the person with whom
she broke off two years ago, was the person
she was looking for.

So you see it is proven, it works,
and you have nothing to lose
you will either find your former lover
or this ad will reappear
with your phone number.

This poem appears in Love Lure: A Collection of Love Poems and Other Writings, published in New York, 2010 - Ed.

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