Saturday, November 28, 2009

Monique Avakian: Leave the Machine

and what of the white heat between us?

you feel it everytime I look at you
I hear it everytime you dream of me

that alive and glowing place between us

pure in intent
potentially destructive

a living warmth more silver than gold
ancient and evolving

an unmistakable sureness

handshakes and snakes
land mines and quakes
these are easy to glorify

but what of the will of the fledgling sprout…
the patient trust of the dying star…

a treasure can not always be held

what is it
that we’re looking for?

something beyond incredible to behold
something elusive in its measure to unfold
something so far, untold

Be peace. Be bold. Our hearts know enough of the cold.

--Monique Avakian

This poem has appeared in Poets Against War.

Monique Avakian regularly performs her "musical," "inventive" and "off the hook" poetry around Westchester and Manhattan. Her work has appeared in several poetry publications, and she has earned awards for both poetry and non-fiction. Whether teaching of performing, Monique seeks to spark everyone's intuitive love of language and natural enthusiasm for imaginative depth.

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