Monday, November 16, 2009

Our new annual poetry writing competition

The Armenian Poetry Project and the Armenian Students Association, Inc. are proud to announce their new annual poetry writing competition
1. All residents of the U.S. and Canada are invited to submit an Armenian or English poem (Armenian preferred).
2. All entries are to be sent to with the subject heading of ASA/APP Poetry competition. Deadline is set for January 15, 2010.
3. A maximum number of 1 submission per poet will be accepted.
4. The three age categories are: teenagers (14-17); college age (18-22) and 23 years and older
5. Prizes in each of the categories are: US$50, $100 and $250.
6. Each poem must to be accompanied by the author’s full name, age, school name, sponsoring teacher’s telephone number, home address and telephone number. For the adult category, you can omit the school information.

The competition is open to individuals with one or more parents with at least partial Armenian heritage

Prizes will be announced in mid-February, 2010.
The Armenian Poetry Project can be accessed at

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Gevorg Hakobyan said...

I am glad to fing you here. Like finding a brother or a sister!

I also write poems and not only.

Please check my site @
and (my poems)

I'd like to receive criticism! I really need it, because I am not a literature specialist and writing poems is my hobby. Also, I'll add this blog to my blogroll.