Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Daniel Varoujan at Ghent University's Library

The Armenian Poetry Project is happy to report that the plaque dedicated to the memory of Daniel Varoujan at Ghent University has been recently photographed at my request.

I am most grateful to Patricia Naets of Mechelen, Belgium for contacting the university, and, Geert Roels, photographer and co-ordinator of the digital studio at the University's library. Mr. Roels informed me that a webpage will be available soon on the author Daniel Varoujan at Booktower Library.

Pictures by Geert Roels, taken on November 18, 2009. Copyright © 2009 University Library Ghent. Used here by kind permission.


Levon said...

o wow, had i known you were looking for pictures of this i would have sent you some. I was in holland last summer and I made it a point to visit the university of ghent and take a picture of the plaque of my favorite poet. cheers!

nigol said...

I will be recording Karnan Antzrev in Arabic on Wednsday.


Who knew?! 😲 said...

daniel varoujan is my late Great grand father. Veronica was my Grandma, her daughter veronica ( ronni) is my mother.