Monday, February 08, 2010

Raffi Wartanian: This Isn’t A World For Soft Hearts

This isn’t a world for soft hearts
It’ a world for full metal jackets

Cracked back fits
Lacking tack bits

Not a bountiful sunrise
But a diminishing sunset,
A mirage where ambition blends sanctity and opportunism

A meadow of severed smiles,

Freshly bloomed sunflowers cut by the stem
And its seeds picked out one by one
Split open with a rusted knife
Spots of dried blood
Taken from the septic pipe it was hidden in
By the biological daughterson of
Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and Jesus H. Nevermind

And the insides
Bootsmashed -
Even an ant’s ant couldn’t touch it –

So that all you’re left with
Is a lost meadow
Suggesting a faint smell of something divine that you’d have to be
One-one millionth your size to catch

So that all you’re left with
Is a stiffening of the back
Squinting of the eyes
Toiling under the black sun to acquire the seventh layer of metal –

Metal made of the scents of opportunism, raw sex, loving self-deception, and
conditional love (tit for tat; this for that; yours for mine; something to show for;
something to show for; innocence, justice, love, released like a frivolous
ejaculation to better tune into cacophonies and simultaneous prayer songs
booming from amplified amplifiers microphoned then megaphoned into a single
channel of the master PA processing the sound and touch of everything’s nothing
with a dash of reverb), sunny storm clouds, and that black sun.

To further encase the soft heart.

February, 2010
New York City

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