Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tatul Sonentz: SHOWTIME…

Come one  come all
Come one-and-all
Come and see
This death-defying act
Featured in bright cosmic lights
Across the dazzling marquee
Of this traveling circus of
Ever expanding, ever elusive
Big Bang’s Motion and Sound
Star-studded program
Introduced today by a gaggle
Of hilarious creationist clowns
This seven-day wonder miracle
Full of raucous belly laughs
Of swift burning meteors
Of instant romance
And scorching satiric strife…
Come one  come all
To the only show in town
Come and witness
This preordained accident
With no survivors…
This ultimate crash pile up
On the crowded highway
Of death-defying life
………………. Tatul Sonentz

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