Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Arpine Konyalian Grenier: Maiden of light

sorrow -
what belongs to no one
transplanted then lost
to lamentations

such is the credo of desire
neither who nor what in the throat
possibility of throat still

how one dreams this as one forgets
the horizon disseminates
another trembling

the feeling is mutual she said
time is ripe against the habit

4:30 Where are you?
5:00 Where are you?
6:00 Where are you? I am hungry!
7:00 But where are you??

who are like clouds in what appears
ut mi ut where-to-fore Hildegard
ut deeply in Bingen sound
I retrieve of 13th Century
advent mi colour shine
shaped intrusion

the intelligent shall shine the issue
a women's disease considered secular
intruding chelating lamentations
the data

within a system that does not surface distortion
the finger of infinity points at some
end of location as event
reiterates event
as wish
locating itself

go little one I am coming she said

what couldn't/didn't align
our mothers would
otherwise lament

you tell me I don't have to leave home
how would that make me happy
it's better when you know
that you don't know

who are like clouds
do not have home

of which I scorch the lamenting
you me the data shine out there
instrument holders

I too light too small cannot lift cannot simulate/duplicate what cannot be held at Bingen so like the young man to his mother "perhaps you were too strict with me you know I was so sensitive perhaps I obeyed too much perhaps"
a cause to shine chelates

a second wind to the promise and its terror
then light losing to light to discover
where?? which??
the dream

data losing the dream then lamenting
the cold without the problem
a shining secret

"shine shine the intelligent shall" says the Book of Daniel
my voice returning to me then in fire without
darkness merging an animal's additional en
sof innards neutered with data lament
causing the shine itself
a start as event
terror in parody


spark lesioned then whitened


talk to me you ethnic question with such small a fist of terms
do you believe the words given you the desert's
order of hexes coming into tolerate
not understand?

the clerical task the rigour
to float the random
to empty

red fire shaping in yellow the lament
fire fire then shine shaped bridge
blackened authority
these clouds

there isn't enough data to empty the desert's gibbet
she dared point at the basics still falling
falling parallel/future/ verb
nouns mattered

matter relates to such mending of death
not light nor dark clicked
botanical function
simulated as if

duplicated so there’s no other
disclosed as or shoved into


a finger points at forced flames attracted to light
as her verbing graces the hollow

this is not the end
does that matter??

a system of distortions accessorized
when otherwise believing as not caring
mine there for a week on its way to the desert
for years I do not know how will come to pass
me slow roasting and not well
moving through clouds
one way

though that may be neutralized
one overcomes hollow
data choke it forward and backward
to before and after the sorrow
lambed to chickened
left to right losing
the self as i

about to disclose hers to undo the covering
the distorting nevertheless iterates as point
itself rusted in horizon's nest of points
we call global the globe then

a point more so to my liking

like darkness to light so lamented its expansion
which whole which part awr to awir blackened
fire from the white's white and best

and I really looking for a perfect red yellow
but that is not the rectangle 6 feet under
eroding the rush its sauce
I stall

up with a new combine one cannot invest
because it has no ratio though lots to do
you me the data

a one way watch dog a bug
down an angle streaked couplet
ether without

yet data are needed no more for shine
beyond the veil and its uncovering
a one way sentence intrudes
the heading ecce homo

the rest Delphic

a dialect mourns every so many years
the good life phrase

lie in the mud of its repair
stop thought

at mi at mitt beyond
timed and placed by the realms of light
the additional subtracting itself

always there

Copyright Arpine Konyalian Grenier, 2007
This poem has appeared in the August 2007 issue otoliths, published in Australia.

Arpine Konyalian Grenier holds graduate degrees from the American University of Beirut and the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College, New York. Her work has appeared in numerous journals including anthologies. She has repeatedly been chosen finalist for the National Poetry Series and the Greg Grummer Award, has authored two volumes of poetry, and a chapbook is forthcoming from NeOpp Pepper Press.

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