Saturday, January 27, 2007

Introducing Nancy Kricorian

Nancy Kricorian is a New York City-based writer and activist. Raised in Watertown, Massachusetts, she has won the Ararat Short Story Price (1997), the Daniel Varoujan Prize of the New England Poetry Club (1995), the Educational Press Award, Editorial Category (1991), Yaddo residency (January 1991), Rixer Stix Poetry Prize (1990) and the Academy of the American Poets Prize (1987). She has taught at Yale, Queens College, Rutgers and at Columbia.

Ms. Kricorian is also the author of the popular and acclaimed novel Zabelle (1998), and has recently published her second novel, Dreams of Bread and Fire (2003).

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Ms Kricorian holds a Master in Fine Arts degree from Columbia University. She is a former member of the editorial board of Ararat Quarterly, the advisory board of the Armenia Tree Project, and the New York coordinator of Code Pink Women for Peace.

She worked as a literary scout from 1989 to 1998 and lives in New York City with her husband James Schamus and their two daughters.

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