Saturday, January 27, 2007

Nancy Kricorian: The Angel

Click to hear the audio clip of The Angel read by the author, Nancy Kricorian.

My grandmother is in heaven. This heaven has no Turks, no women in skimpy bathing suits, no squirrels in the pear trees. Her mansion is very clean and there are plastic covers on the furniture. In the morning she combs out her long hair and puts on a blue-flowered dress. Jesus stops by for coffee and cheoregs. She claps her hands when she sees the fuchsia he has brought her. Grandma and Jesus sit in the kitchen and talk about plans for the new Armenian Cultural Center. They look at old photo albums and the day passes quickly. When it is suppertime, Jesus goes back to his place next door. Knowing it will soon be dark in Watertown, my grandmother rings the bell for the angel. She gives the angel a Three Musketeers bar for the trip. Just before I fall asleep, I hear the rustle of the candy wrapper behind my headboard.

“The Angel” was originally published in Caliban 2 (1987).
Copyright Nancy Kricorian


narine karamyan said...

::))) so good!

Lola Koundakjian said...

This is one of my most beloved poems.

poetry translations said...

This is so lovely!