Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alan Whitehorn: An Armenian Novel

Each year I go to Armenia and stay for a month.
It is like reading a novel.
I read one chapter after another.
At first, the number and newness of the characters are overwhelming.
The setting seems unfamiliar
and the story not yet developed.
But as I turn the pages,
and read one chapter after another,
year after year,
I learn more about each of the local characters.
Fascinating new persons are introduced into the story
and the plot becomes increasingly intriguing.
I eagerly want to know more about these people
and their lives.
I am pulled into their profoundly moving accounts.
It gets harder and harder to put the book down.
And so,
I begin reading more intensely and more swiftly.
In fact, instead of being just a reader,
I feel like I am transformed into a minor character in the story.
I am caught up into the drama.
I have just read another chapter,
and want to race onto the next,
to see how the story ends.

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