Saturday, April 11, 2009

Medrik Minnassian: I KILLED MY FRIEND

I killed a friend,
And the whole world smiled at me.
I killed a friend
And denied my emotions.

I killed a friend
And all the feelings I had.

No one wept,
Neither did I.
No one felt the grief,
But me.

What was so great in their smiles?
A summit conquered on time,
Or an arrow hit the center of the foe.
Was that what they longed to see?
Was it a conspiracy?

It took a long time to tie this rope
And the twinkling of an eye to tear it.
Into the ashes of life has everything vanished?
Into the memories this story stands full of credit.

I stand alone on this tomb.
I stand undone on this stone.

I feel betrayed by my own trust.
I feel stabbed by my own dagger.

I killed a friend.
No one wept,
Neither did I.
No one felt the loss,
But me.

Eighteen year old Medrik Minnassian is a student at the Armenian College in Kolkata. APP thanks his teacher Gulnaar Gilhooly.

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