Friday, April 10, 2009

Medrik Minnassian: PATH OF LIFE

Did you ever try to walk along a road called life?
Did you ever try to look back and see what you did to all those whom you met?

And now on this road, on this wild road
People come and go
Are given birth and are called dead.

People live and people live
People live to love
And people love to live
People live to fight
And people fight to live

People live to rule and are cruel
People lay low and are so poor.

Genocide is the end of human reason
Shadows of the night are a cover for the light.

And when you turn out to be the only one
It’s terrible to be alone
No one seems to be around.

The wide road seems to be quiet
In the night and under the morning light
Even sun rays are a surprise
Those days are gone, when love used to last for long

No one says ‘I love you’
No one cares what others do
No one cares for the poor or the worse
No one does what is told
Orders are sold by those who toss

Everyone seems to be blind
Because no one looks back
To see what we have done

Failure is not the end
Success will never come

Greed is the only cause,
The good and the bad.

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