Monday, June 09, 2014

Lory Bedikian: Father Picking Grapes, Armenia, 1997

We watch from the Moscovich
as he steps into the ditch,
our driver begging him to hurry.

These grapes are from Hayasdan
he says, as he steps up to the car,
plucks one for each of us.

Let the owner complain. Let him
knock me down. I have waited
my entire life to pick these grapes.

He sings a familiar, dark cluster
of notes in the dry October air.
The hills, now camels at dusk, stare

at swallows swimming above,
look to the dusty road
that meets the horizon. As if someone

approaches, he listens, almost
waits for a relation, long lost,
to walk toward this remote village,

to find him here with his palms full of harvest,
full of vines that have waited for his return.

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