Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shmavon Azatyan: HER POEM

In the backyard of her house,
recumbent in the hammock beneath
an apricot tree,
he scribbled vehemently
on a sheet.
Inside, she waited
to read the issue, wishing that
the blossoms hung
for stanzas on his paper.
In an hour, she fetched him
water, catching through the pink
curtains the sign for the break
that he smiled. Later,
his hand moved slowly,
stopping, as he raised his eyes
at the tree, nurtured by her for years.
Tired, he lay on his side and
watched her sitting, legs folded,
on the portico; her sensual profile
towards him she drank tea,
and he wrote on.

His work was published;
standing in the bookstore
he signed his poetry fans’ copies.
In presenting his poem,
he made public the apricot tree
and his long day’s labour “beneath
its empowering growth.”
As he said,
My poem partakes of someone who
wrote in the making of it,
he walked up to her ceremoniously.

Copyright Shmavon Azatyan
May 5-10 2006

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