Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brenda Najimian Magarity: For My Muse: Wherever I May Find Her

Oh, black-haired nine that did brave
my most grave moments to send me a song:
Each day, you bask in the sunshine
of my praise, and like seashells
nesting on an ocean bank
you wait for me to cast my net
and gather your choral wave of heroic hymn.

Pierian roses, I found you on the low
end of the city in the open hands
of the ragged man asking for work.
“Anything’ll do,” he said
You ached to reach into the deep
pockets of his coat, but could not.

I found you in the reflection
of a barroom mirror, costumed in sari
you stole a magic carpet to cut an extra
hour out of the night, then gave it up
when your sad eyes signaled you home.

I found you in a gallery, too shy
to speak to the artist;
you hid in the shadow of a corner
of the room. I managed to carry
your words home in a basket
and watched as you hung them out to dry.

And once, when I thought you were lost
to me forever, I found a remnant
of you caught like a loose thread
between the lines of an old poem;
and I rediscovered the simple beauty
of a single word: Muse,
and you played a symphony in my mind.

Brenda Najimian Magarity © 1990

This poem was previously published in California English, 1990 and California Victory, 1992

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