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Sofia Kontogeorge Kostos: WHEN WAS IT?

He [German Admiral Usedom] said that the Armenians were in the way, that they were an obstacle to German success, and that it had therefore been necessary to remove them, just like so much useless lumber. He spoke about them as detachedly as one would speak about removing a row of houses in order to bombard a city.
Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story by Henry Morgenthau


When was it?
that Germans and Turks,
Central Powers, too—
pulled from their uniforms,

“Start from the East; sweep to the Black Sea;
continue through to Cappadosía; later—
swing towards the Ionian West.
There’s a shortage of bullets,
take as long as it takes—be thorough!

Phase I:
“Release your lusts.
Rip! Rape! Plunder!
Chop all useless lumber. (1)
Without mercy: Stab,
kick, drown, burn!
Strip trunks, roots,
branches. Tear! Uproot! Bury!
Clear the land—no twigs,
nor splinters leave.

“Sticks and stones
will break their bones,
and names will mark them.
Call them useless lumber(1) —
until all Armenians, Greeks,
Assyrians, are diminished.

Phase II:
“Prevent Ambassador Morgenthau from
publishing particulars of our crimes!
Render him and his protests useless.
Confiscate all witness books,
remain unrepentant—
‘Was Their Fault’ must be our motto.
Carry on, until the job is done!”
For the lure of coveted minerals,
and the Baghdad Railway Lines—
church bells toll no longer. And,
names like:
Moskarópoulos – Papazián – Pincáro,
cannot be not be heard either.

When hell fell over Asia Minor,(2)
pain knew no bounds
—in the land of their mothers,
and their mothers’ mothers
before them.

So it was for in 1914
through to 1923.


German: (1)nutzloses bauholtz (1)English: useless lumber
Turkish: (1)faydasiz kereste (1)English: useless lumber

(2)Asia Minor (Turkey now)

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