Monday, March 21, 2011

Alan Whitehorn: Travels, Friendship and Connecting

Part of the joy of travel is getting to meet incredible new friends.
Yet, part of travel is the frustration in realizing
that often it is difficult to see each again
before too long a time has passed.
And so,
we live in hope of seeing each other once more,
just East of Mt. Ararat.
And then on that special day,
we will raise our glass to toast each other
and a friendship that trascends
the oceans and continents.
Till then,
safe travels dear soul.
Safe travels on our journey.
Alan Whitehorn            

1 comment:

Antoine S. Terjanian said...

Come and visit us again Alan, on top of our mountain with a view of Ararat. It is great to read your verses again.
Antoine S. Terjanian